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Multi positional player looking for an active west coast team

My team mates are skipping 21 so I'm looking for a well established and active west coast team to join.

West Coast. Usually play from 8pm-10:30pm weekdays and 8pm till late on weekends

RW primarily but can play anything but G. Rw/C/Lw/Rd/Ld in order of preference


5/6's preferred but can do 3's as well

Have been playing on top teams since NHL 11

Looking for a team that plays hard on both ends, moves the puck quickly, cycles, rotates, gets everyone involved and uses mic's.

Don't like bouncing from team to team so looking for an already established team with a solid core to join

If it matters. NHL 20 CR was 1190 with 3000 goals

Send me a PM or message me on PSN. PSN ID is Nammer

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