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Be A Pro riddled with bugs and missing features

So there’s obviously many bugs and missing features.
I’m in my second season as a backup goalie for the ducks. But all my coach interviews and press interviews etc are still talking as if it’s my first season. It says I have no wins in the nhl in the milestone tracker, but I’ve got 15 wins. They are also still talking about the Calder? I’m not a rookie anymore. I’ve got 40 games played.
Also the coach challenges are bugged. Such as win 2 games out of 4. I play 2 games, one loss and one win, and it says I’ve failed yet I’ve only played two.

Also where the hell is the jr season before the entry draft? On a different file, I got drafted 1st overall by playing as a defenseman in Europe, with 4GP, 2G 2A. I really wish I could get a refund for this game.


  • Yeah, my coach wants me to win face offs, but I play right wing. Then there’s the bug where your own goalie just dissapears mid game. No delayed penalty or goalie pull, just disappears.
  • Taste-D-Rainbow
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    edited October 2020
    My EXP for Skating was stuck at level 5 while all my others kept progressing.

    Ray Ferraro kept saying I'm still looking for my first goal despite scoring my first career goal 5 games ago.

    Sometimes conversation answers are mixed. What you would assume are Team answers are put in Star, then when you choose Star you loose points for your team image.

    These were just some of the bugs I saw. And I'm only like 8 games into my NHL career.
  • TTZ_Dipsy
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    edited October 2020
    Was tasked with outscoring my calder competition (in my 2nd year) against malkin lol. I proceeded to score 7 goals in a 7-1 victory only to get this after the game lol...

  • Yup, the game is pretty messed up. Very sad the state that they released it in. And without a jr season before entry draft, I just don’t find BAP worth playing whatsoever, even if the bugs weren’t there
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