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Human goalie glove side and goalies overall so bad this year

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For the longest time blocker side was awful for human goalies, now it seems like glove side is even worse. Seems like weak blocker side got somewhat fixed but only they made glove side way weaker than what it was. Why do you hate goalies so much EA? Every game doesn't have to be goal fest, low scoring hard fought games way more fun that awful non-hockey your pushing now. At least nerf some of the one timer shot animations for forwards where they just dont even go into shot animation just shovel the puck into the net or just shoot it without an animation. So much skill holding UP waiting for forced pass to get through.

Patch goalies and defense so game feels somewhat balanced. Top goalies cant even average 80sv% anymore. I remmber in NHL 14 old gen (most think the last decent game in the series) the top goalies were averaging low 90sv%. This year goalies cant even average 80sv%. What a joke this game has turned into. Just take it out 6v6 and keep it a arcade 3v3 game only since this game has 0 resemblance to real hockey.

PS: Talking about 6s, I couldn't care less what you guys do with 1v1 modes.
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    @NHLDev Can you guys bring back reaching saves/animations for human goalies when guessing a play correct and sliding to that side for a one timer etc? I don't mean middle standing and getting reaching saves, but bring back reaching saves when your butterfly sliding to the side you read the play to. Also up the goalie reaction slider and turned down screen effect.
  • Turned down shot power/accuracy or increase the reaction saves for human goalies. Game is so unbalanced now. I wish I was the gameplay director, I'll make the greatest balanced game ever just from tuners than the utter joke we have now.
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