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Finally a little bit of praise.

Alright, EA, I'm not 100% sold on your game yet, I think there are huge glaring deficiencies when it comes to a lot of things (my biggest gripe is you guys still not having lobbies yet for online matchmaking/community) and I like to complain about your game A LOT because I think it warrants it a lot of the time, however when you guys do something good I will praise it, so with that said there's a couple things I think you guys deserve props for.

First off, AI. The AI, while still not great, is a heck of a lot better than previous years. Thank goodness. You guys needed a huge improvement and I feel as if it finally took a big step into the right direction. Does that mean it shouldn't continue the progress? No! But great job on 21 for making the AI finally use poke checks in better scenarios, you eliminated the ping pong passing and added a bit more individualism to the AI offense and a whole bunch of other scenarios in which they have improved. This makes offline play significantly better and more enjoyable. It's a small sample size but I feel as if the AI isn't nearly as predictable as in years' past.

Secondly, finally you guys have iced a much more balanced EASHL experience. Defense is in a great state, offense is in a great state, but I think goalies need a slight boost (SLIGHT). Goalies were faster from my experience in the technical run, so if we could speed them up a bit that'd be great. They're decent enough making saves 1 on 1 (maybe a very teeny tiny slight increase would be beneficial there as well). I like how goalies can't sit on the goal line anymore, but sometimes shots from poor angles with proper positioning do get past but most of those are because the goalie is tracking the movement of the skater and they go cross grain. Overall though, the game forces you to play hockey again. You can't just skate at the opposition and put up goals consistently, you have to attack with some IQ this year. You have to defend with IQ this year as well. There aren't nearly the same amount of awful goals going in this year as last, so even though it's about 4 years overdue, congrats on finally balancing EASHL to an acceptable standard.

Please continue this direction, and add some lobbies for Pete's sake! The matchmaking is absolutely horrendous. I shouldn't have to use a 3rd party platform to get a 6v6 game going at launch during prime hours in the evening.

Thank you.


  • EA_Aljo
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    Thanks so much for the constructive feedback. It's appreciated more than you know.

    Regarding matchmaking, what has been the experience so far? Are you saying you're having a hard time finding drop-in 6s games?
  • I can feel a breath of fresh air. Just what we all needed.

    I hope this game will continue to grow!
  • EA_Aljo wrote: »
    Thanks so much for the constructive feedback. It's appreciated more than you know.

    Regarding matchmaking, what has been the experience so far? Are you saying you're having a hard time finding drop-in 6s games?

    Needless to say, I need to use LG to find a game of 6s during peak hours. It's horrendous. One team will get defense and the others won't. Forwards for whatever reason will fail to join games (how?). It's the exact same as last year. It needs to go, unfortunately. It's that bad. I have under a 5% chance of finding a 6v6 game out of peak hours without a third party app/site.

    I want to play the game, but I'm extremely reliant on LG to find games. Most of my friends list all have their group of guys they typically play with because they're loyal to LG. I don't have time for that with the family and the job, so trying to find games to play is an absolute nightmare. I've gone from playing thousands of drop in games (even though they're more toxic than ever because trolls have no regulations against their behaviour) to playing around 100 per year. This year will be the same, unfortunately.

    I really wish I didn't have to use LG or discord. I have joined probably 5 different discord chat groups to help find people to play with and they eventually all fizzle out and are no longer helpful so I constantly go back to LG. On average it takes me probably 15-20 minutes to find a game, which is about the same time it takes for me to search for one just using the NHL 21 matchmaking engine, but at least I'll play with a group of guys who will stick together most likely.
  • I agree with a lot of this post, as it is, I would still rate the game about an 7.5 or 8, I think goalies still stink pretty badly. A lot of the offensive and defenive stuff is fine and could be better with a few tweaks, mainly to the CPU offensive attack. And situational awareness needs to be better. If I have a CPU team down three goals with 4 minutes left in a game seven I would like to see them pull the goalie to try to tie the game, it doesn't matter how badly you lose in that case. The CPU situational awareness needs a lot of work, but I do like where this game could be heading if EA continues on this path of fixing the AI issues.
  • EA_Aljo
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    Thanks for the added details. I know the dev team is aware of the requests for lobbies. If they are added, it wouldn't be until a future game. I know it can be really frustrating to not have each position filled with a human.
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