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Why Isn't there an option to play a full Junior season in Be A Pro?

Overall NHL 21 has the potential to be a great game, though a few things to question involving the new revamped Be A Pro.

After getting so hyped up to play, it unfortunately didn't lead up to expectations. I noticed we could only play tournaments in the Memorial Cup and Champions Hockey League. After grinding the tournament and get selected 1st overall the only team I could get drafted by was New York Rangers.

This mode could have been so much better, as it really has become a downfall that we cannot play a full Junior season to grind for the top pick and get picked by a different team. NHL 20 and previous games you were able to choose age, and play a full season in the WHL, OHL or QMJHL.

Is there going to be a patch to update that or are we stuck with this unfortunate Be A Pro experience?


  • Yeah this is just straight up stupid that they didn’t include this. And the fact that you can’t choose your age, means no matter what, you will get picked by NYR if you get 1st overall.

    Taking out the junior season is mind boggling
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