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Does everyone have these bugs/problems?

I’ve faced som issues in NHL 21 be a pro:

• I seem to be a rookie with the chance to win Calder Trophy every year. Is it supposed to be that way?

• I’m an 85 ovr goalie with decent stats and I pass my grades most games. Still I’m the backup goalie and not even close becoming the starter (my linescore is really low). What do I do wrong?

• If I have a challenge like ”win the next game” the challenge sometimes stay there for the next few games. This seems like a obvious bug. Anyone has the same?


  • Also: why do I get so few shots against? My team always outscores our opponent with like 40-15.
  • The BAP is broken. I mean the whole game is pretty broken, but BAP isn’t worth playing right now as it’s riddled with bugs and missing features

    What you’re experiencing is sadly the norm experience for EA’s nhl right now
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