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Can you please make branded equipment even more “common” in World of Chel

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edited October 2020
Or give us the option to pull a “wildcard” item in bags that lets us unlock one item of our choosing?

Literally all I want for my guy is the Bauer 4500 or CCM V10 helmet but I haven’t been able to use either in NHL 19, 20 or now 21. Thankfully though I’m stuck on a pile of “epic” emotes and fake sticks that I’ll never even click into the menu on.


  • Man I hate all that fake equipment! Can't understand why there isn't more retro gear. The World Of Chel has more of a clown town feel than a hockey theme.
  • All normal equipment should be unlocked by default. It’s beyond dumb that I can’t wear the CCM stuff I do IRL because I’m unlocking moon-themed skates and a “college helmet” lol. To that point, why are cages and bubbles not considered helmet attachments? Do youth teams not wear branded gear? They all just wear this generic “cage helmet” huh? Ruins the immersion of wearing a cage if it’s an unbranded helmet imo.
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