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Why was shot power/accuracy increased in ESHL?

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You can be in perfect position and goalie doesn't even react to the shot till the puck is already in the net, especially on glove side. It feels so unbalanced where you read the play and get there in time and still goalie doesnt react to the shot till the puck is already in back of the net. Shots up close you might as well just move out the way if you are the goalie bc even if you read it right and get there in time it will still get by you.

Why would you guys increase shot power/accuracy without balancing it by increasing human goalie stats?? Reduce it back to what it was last year and previous years. Not a single goalie in top 50 even has a .80sv% anymore. SMH

I would pay money to watch one of these devs play human goalie mode in 6s agasint good teams and explain what they are seeing.


  • Also it used to be somewhat realistic where fowards can roof the puck when they up close in the crease...but now can be in crease inch away from goal line and still roof the puck perfectly. This doesnt happen, it defys physics. Im guessing the devs that dont watch hockey probably watched a youtube highlight where this happened maybe once a year and made it a common shot now.
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