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Hut Rush

Is Hut Rush bugged?
Or do I miss something?

Last week when it reset I got to tier 20. Now Today Hut Rush reset again, I was able to create teams for both new events, but the rewards did not reset and I am still at tier 20.

No new rewards this week, anyone can tell me if that's normal or if it will only reset on October 29th?

Are these rewards only available every 2 weeks?


  • I noticed this on Xbox when I had to play the Objective. I was still at whatever level I was at from the Gritty challenges.

    I did only have to play once this time where I had to play 3 to get it to count as 1 for my daily objective.

    I think HUT Rush is one of the worse ideas in a long time.
  • One of the objectives was 20 wrist shot goals.
    I registered 20 finally after scoring 47 wrist shots.
    Should have known it’s still same old EA
    I bleed hockey!!!!!!!!!!
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