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Be A Pro - goalie doesn’t play entire game

I play Be A Pro as a goalie. I simulate two periods and play the third (because I want to have more than 15 shots against). I’ve noticed my post game stats says my goalie didn’t play the entire game. The backup goalie hasn’t played a single minute. This happens almost every game. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?


  • Would love to get this fixed as it messes up my goals against average.
  • EA Please fix this issue: Let me play all the games that I start and If my goalie replaces starter in a game, let me play that game from that moment on! After one season my player has played two playoff games (one of them full game!) and I haven't seen neither games. Now in season two I haven't played any games but I have one game played and my GAA is **** even before I haven't played any games! Also it is just lazy programming that in my second season as I am still on rookie status (23 games in first season) game thinks that I just started as a first year rookie and it is like a Groundhog Day... Come on guys! This is the game that we will playing for next 2 years, since it is very likely that the next generation version won't even have be a player mode if we can learn anything from the history. Please fix this game that we have something to play. Also in 95% of the games I won't get more than 20 shots against me. No matter if game lenght is 6 or 8 minutes and who wants to play longer games? But still this is a great game, just tweak it a bit please.
  • Symtexbc
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    edited October 2020
    If the @NHLDev can try to provide some information on the following that would be great. This happens way too often in Be A Pro Goalie


    I play for Anaheim. The shot disparity /gap is always one sided for my team. I don't remember ever playing a game where the opposite team dominated in Time of Attack and SOG.

    And this is what happen when I have a very good game


    What does a goalie have to do to get an A+ rating in a game ? I only allowed 1 goal in 12 shots.

    Also one last question, why do I get 2x exp objectives in games to "need a goal" or " Keep it clean". That's very unlikely as a goalie.
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