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Get a Hockey Player to Pick the Music

That's all. The music the last few years has been atrocious. There isn't a single team, player, coach or water boy who listens to any of this music. None of this pumps you up or puts you in the mood for hockey.


  • Completely agree. This has to be the worst soundtrack of any video game I've ever played. I'm not demanding any specific genre I particularly like, but a good mix which isn't too crazy.
  • This game has a music soundtrack? 🤪

    One of the first things I do when I buy this game is turn off the music. If I want to play music while playing hockey I have my own music and ways of doing so.
  • I hate the music, the only song I really like is The song by Royal Blood
  • To bad ea isn't a democracy, let the people vote for changes and stuff, lol. anouncing the 2022 EA NHL22 election!
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