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My one request for the next patch...

Can you fix the top end speed ...please
Even with slider at 98 it s not enough ..
I play the game with patch ..but no tuner ..the skating got worse with the tuner
Players were turning on a dime no top end speed somehow the skating got worse ...so no tuner brought the game back ...
With game speed 2\6
Acc +back skating at 22
Top end speed at 98
Im trying to create some weight ,while the players take the first stride..
If you look at game context or allstar speed contest ..it take at least one zone to get to full speed ..and when you get to the end of the ice players should almost feel out of control.
For me that is and as been the biggest
Problems for this series in the current gen...players will take 3 to 4 stride and then he is at full speed ...it look weird +the game get boring pretty quick ..the game as no pace ...

Thank you



  • Move your game speed up.
  • Move your game speed up.

    I c ant if you go over 2 the game get out of whack
    animation get sketchy ...even at two is a bit much ..

  • If I’m understanding your problem right, turn agility down to 10/100. That’s what I have as well as puck carrier skating at 0/100. Makes players actually have weight. I also rock 40/100 for speed and acceleration on game speed 0/6.
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