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AIs on the PK, AIs on the PP

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so...I see this issue hasn't been fixed.

the AI remains hyperaggressive on the PK, leading to either one of two things:
A.) the powerplay isn't allowed to set up
B.) powerplay scores a goal because of the overaggressive PK

this is especially evident in AI vs AI, but notice how the AI will literally charge you if you try to set up an umbrella power play.

what's the problem, you might ask? in real life, NO ONE is as aggressive on the PK as this AI is. just look it up. in fact, the AI is just too aggressive in many situations, and not aggressive enough in others.

the way that AIs follow power play strategies have improved this year, but they're still meh. try the umbrella - instead of having people stand at the dots, the skaters stand at the top of the circle, pretty close to the highest skater.


  • Yeah, the special teams are issue. Not just the gameplay, which however should be priority number one, but also the actual strategies. 1-3-1 setup became the default PP system not just in NHL but all over the hockey world, like over a decade ago. EA however boasts with the same strats than in NHL 99. This is baffling to me because if you actually watch the game, you would notice that there are no umbrellas, or overloads or shooting systems anymore, not to mention PK boxes. Funny thing, this year's cover athelete is like the most deadly player of the 1-3-1 system. You shouldn't call your game a simulator if the one of the most important aspect of the modern game is nowhere near the level where it should be. It's like they would force you to use the classic 442 formation in FIFA or PES.
  • It has been this way for years. The penalty kill from the AI is way to aggressive, and in turn they are way to passive on the power play. This leads to me leading the league in short handed goals every year.

    On the penalty kill the AI should be sitting back and hoping to god they don’t give up a goal. It’s called a man advantage but it really feels like you have no advantage at all. Theoretically someone should be open at all times but the CPU is gifted ungodly abilities and inhuman speed bursts. It’s to the point where when I get a power play I am not even excited anymore as I think to myself “Great, now I get to chase the puck all the way to my end of the ice for the next two minutes”
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