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Game changer's opinion about the state of NHL 21....your thoughts

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  • Only saw 5 minutes in... He sounds pretty decent. Nothing really wrong in whats he sayin.

    Cc's is too obvious goals which makes everyone's fantasy to go away.

    The best/easiest goal to score will - always - have a great impact on how we choose to play.

    And really, if it wasen't for cross creases, I couldn't see any direct goal thats so obvious.. So if they somehow could decrease the risk of being cross creased, without changin the rules on how to play defense, it might be really good for the generally gameplay.
  • He's not far off with my thoughts on the game. Wants to slightly increase manual interceptions but not have the AI really doing the job for people. I do think if they increase shooting to allow more variety of goals though people will have even a harder time defending. Because all great players will go into the corners and wait for the opportunity to open up regardless. So instead of the rush game it might get changed to a circle in the corners game.

    As for the goalies maybe if they also increase the save reach length it could help stop cross crease goals.
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