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Hut 1 month in for this season.

So here is my takeaway from beta to now. Hut rush, awesome game play system. Always exciting abd just plain fun. Only thought on it would be make it totally weekly or whatever. Wheb the player objectives reset reset the whole thing. It is not a hard feat to get the points needed to max out.

Well here we had some issues, it was awesome at launch fully fun and playable. We had a ai deciding to go full on Brittany on us after so much time, from playing since Halloween dropped this seems to have resolved itself or been seen to with a minor change.

Rivals, well people still seems like games woth lead in the skates happen. Not a big major deal really unless for some reason you think you can be a to 100 player. Trust me lead in sktes doesn't stop them so your not on there level but it has been fully consistent since last year.

All in all I enjoy this year so far, got my moments I am rotted but I enjoy this game more than I did 20 18 or 17. Bow keep in mind I am a goal oriented player my goal is not to be top 100. Mine is get your daily and weekly done and try to have fun and get cards I want.

Reality is this should go for more long term of what mobile games look for. Daily, weekly, and **monthly, reward system. Multiple ways to get base cards bind on account of course. This would keep people playing longer longer they play more likely they will buy something for real money. Also deep discount deals in store. After all it costs you nothing and can go a really long way in making extra profit while making it seem like you care for the player base.

Anyways enough of how to make more money but seem like you care so good job, keep it up and thank you for great product.


  • Jeff_frm_Edmonds
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    Rush is OK...I'm not a fan and only play when required to complete objectives. I played that "1st goal win" challenge and closed the Milestone as fast as I could.

    Squads is great and the reason I buy the game. Still wish we could be the home team in half the games. Please fix soon.

    I gave Rivals a shot at the end of 20 and the 1st few weeks of 21 and the connections have been good. The lockdown might have something to do with that and making it easier to find an opponent that is close to me. I like the measures taken by Xbox and EA to limit the harassment and it is a friendlier experience than in the past. I expect to be play 1 or 2 Rivals a week going forward.

    I don't like the 3-tiered Icons, 2 was perfect for this level of player item.

    The 2-tiered Master Set items are also a bit negligent. I do like the idea of needing the base player and other items to collect but the 89/90 stuff is gross corporate greed....

    ...and speaking of such.

    It is far beyond time that older player items be removed as new items become available. If not, we should be able to upgrade the older item to the newer item. Packs become useless after 6 to 8 weeks because EA fails to adjust the contents. A Mega Pack today that gurantees 4 80+ items should be adjusted to 4 90+ items by the time the HUT season ends. These pack adjustments should happen a few times over the course of the season.
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