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Franchise chemistry and coach scheme fit

@EA_Aljo , do you have any information regarding the next few questions?:

1. Will there ever be the ability to customize coaches?
2. The chemistry system is weird sometimes. Do coaches still have a "hold line" defensive preference when no Dmen have this as their playstyle?
3. Why is TWF so undervalued, in regards to chemistry?


  • Wondering if anyone has ever heard any info that pertains to this.

    I doubt we will be able to customize coaches in the future since we can’t even edit player positions or playstyles anymore in FM even when EA makes them wrong, or the AI generates prospects with stats that don’t match play style, etc.

    The chem system has been broken since they introduced it. It’ll take a good few more years before it’s half decent I think.

    Also yeah I don’t understand why TWF are essentially useless when it comes to chemistry.

    Would like some actual answers too
  • Still no answers here, or even in the bug reporting or game info forums.
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