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No Achievement for unlocking everything in the Threes Circuit?

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So, we are awarded 15 achievement points for knocking the water bottle off of the net but after we unlock every Legend, mascot etc. in all three Threes circuits we are awarded a big fat ZERO? Unlocking everything in the Threes circuit is exponentially more difficult than one goal that knocks a water bottle off. Some of them felt nearly impossible at times. Beating a team on SuperStar level for three 3 minute periods at a score that unlocks a Legend was extremely difficult for many of the Legends/Icons. What is the logic here EA?


  • Being forced to go through all that for a single trophy was the worst, I'm so glad they got rid of it. Of course, now they added a trophy for breaking 3k points in Be a Pro lol...
  • T2HD
    24 posts Member
    Personally I'd be shocked if EA does anything that people like or dislike within this forum. The updates are filled with things that seemingly nobody asked for.
  • So if i complete both circuits with three stars for every game I get nothing?
  • T2HD
    24 posts Member
    Nada. Seems ridiculous doesn't it?
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