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Defense/Checking stat displays switched?

It seems like maybe the header for "Defense" is over the checking stats and the header for "Checking" is over the defense stats?

When you go to a card and hit R3 to see the card info, it shows:

Body Checking, Strength, Aggression, Durability, Fighting Skill

Def. Awareness, Shot Blocking, Stick Checking, Faceoffs, Discipline

Why is Body Checking not listed under "Checking"?

Why is Def. Awareness not listed under "Defense"?

Are the headers just switched? Or how exactly are these stats calculated? Stats are one of the cores of HUT so it's very important for players to receive proper information on them.

Also it seems that for every card I've checked, the average of the stats for any category do not match the front card stat for that category. How is this calculated?
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