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Quick goalie swap

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HI. How to quick replace goalie (not pull) in franchise mode games? In hut games you have quick goalie swap buttons, but i'm franchise i need to pause, then go to menage teams and edit lines.


  • This would be a nice addition...
  • Also needs to be addressed Pre-Game as well, I want to have the option to select my starting goalie for the game and not have to navigate in so many unnecessary menus. Perhaps a option after you have selected uniforms.
    My 2cents to make the NHL series as enjoyable as possible
  • KoczoPL
    4 posts New member
    Is any EA dev here to answers the questions?You have only 24 threads in franchise mode category and you still dont have time (30 minutes per day maybe) to answer aby questions.
  • While I think the guys at EA do a great job breaking down gameplay, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a question related to how or why things work in franchise mode answered.
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