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Nice try

At least y'all tried to do something with be a pro. Kind of annoying you can't play in the CHL for a season anymore. Starting as 68 overall and being called on EVERY game to swing the tide is a little ridiculous. fourth game of the season Drew Doughty comes up and asks me to score 3 points in the next game... there is no option for "screw you drew, how bout YOU score 3 point in the game" Only "yes i will do that!" or "3 points? easy! im amazing"

Not to mention why are my team mates mad at me for taking the team answer for a reporters challenge and then failing. "Hey rookie who is barely good enough for the AHL. How come you only got 1 assist that game when you promised that reporter you would get 2?"

Honestly wouldn't be as bad if you were able to play in the CHL for a year and become at least almost good enough for the NHL.

3 points in 4 games as a rookie is pretty good. I highly doubt your team would mad at you for not being a point + per game.

That being said, I'm glad something was done with the Be a Pro... still pretty painful to play though.


  • It’s pretty brutal how bad the mode is now. It’s super unrealistic, especially being given captaincy after your rookie season every time. Or being given captaincy after being traded to a new team, without even playing a game for them yet lol.
    Never mind being a 74ovr goalie taking the starting job from Gibson despite never posting above .900sv%, or scoring 50 goals in your rookie season as a 71ovr defenseman. It’s just so unrealistic and boring, with no replay value, since it didn’t even have any play value to start with lol

    I really hope that EA proves me wrong and shuts me up by actually fixing all these issues with some patches.
  • They need to update the be a pro

    Sorry but i think that the nhl 20 be a pro was better than this. This is good all these cutscenes and money but if u cant play in chl whole season and these things its suck it so easy
  • I mean.. i kind of agree with you. Though at least they tried... i've been playing the same game for at least 5 years. It's completely hollow but its something
  • burritojoe_p6qe
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    I totally agree man! Instead of fixing this mode, they literally broke it instead. I haven’t played one game after seeing your not able to start in the juniors for a full year or two! Can’t even select your age anymore! I watch so many videos where people would do the worst they can in the 7-8 games before you get drafted, still get selected 160th overall in the draft, and still gets in the nhl roster no problem. It’s not even that realistic in my opinion, and I rather play nhl 20 be a pro from seeing all that. It was suppose to be this big thing this year, I was stoked too. I played be a pro every year, started at age 16 and work my way up like the way it should be ! Now this year they broke the game even more, EA needs to wake up and give their heads a shake! Their literally getting worst and worst every year. The Computers are the absolute worst in this game as well, so many issues. But the be of pro was my biggest upset out of them all. I hope next year they bring that back, cause like you said, it wouldn’t be that bad if they had a actual junior season, instead of getting scouted and drafted on 8 freaking games. It’s sad how we’re all big hockey people and this is the only hockey game we can play! I’m never gonna touch that mode ever tell they bring that back! I’m sticking with hut for now even though that’s fusterating too!
  • I am 51 games in and it's really just depressing. I have 85 points as a two way forward. The AI is so incredibly bad. The only reason the other teams are good is their weird magnet stick. my team mates instantly lose the puck. I want to be able to play as a defensive forward, I did not want to break records. Yet due to my teammates losing the puck anytime some goes near them, it is pretty much impossible to play that way.

    When i complain about my teammates, I am not complaining its too difficult. I actually think this game should be much much harder. However, the way EA implements "difficulty" is by giving your opponents super powers, and turning your teammates into morons. I can't count how many times i have fed the puck to the wing to the open man, and they do a deke at the blue line directly into the center, towards the defender.

    If they get tied up on the boards, there is zero percent chance your AI teammates will win that battle. If you are in your own zone, you better get that puck out yourself, because if they do not have a wide wide wide WIDE open spot they will turn around and head behind their net, where they will get tied up on the boards.

    This game has not changed for the better (aside from graphically... and even then its very incremental) in at least 5 years... I think the AI is actually worse...

    The 4 different discussions you can have, you will have in the first 4 games. I am fairly sure they did that, so anyone playing a trial would think it was halfway decent.

    I have never been frustrated with a company quite the way i am with EA.

    This is a serious question, how many people work on this game? I feel like there is a UI person, a graphic designer, and then maybe 2 or 3 guys that work on game play. Id be really interested to see how much developing the same game over and over again costs.
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