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Too many game modes!!!



  • 20 half-baked online modes and 4 half-baked offline modes. NBA2k is the gold standard.
  • I would love to meet the person in charge of making the decisions that keep destroying this game.

    Like EA, you have a small playerbase game diluted by 300 different game modes, on top of having divisions 1-10 matchmaking in club. Get rid of the damn divisions, it’s a good idea in theory but your game sucks too hard to have a playerbase to make it work.

    Fix the games problems to draw in more players before worrying about competitive matchmaking
  • [quote="IceLion68;c-2168914"][quote="jrago73;c-2168912"]I would kill 3's eliminator and 1's for a start, but that's just me.[/quote]

    The downside to this is that then the worst idiots from Eliminator will end up in your 6s games, making everyone else miserable with their "I will play how I want" attitude.


    I fear this so much lol. I play ones to blow off steam after the real game frustrates me and i play to win which makes these trolls mad. Ive had then double team me, and try for hits the whole time without ever taking a shot. Its hilarious to hear their squeaky voices complain when you wait them out and score.
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