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Reverse Retro Logos

Can we please get these logos to use in create a team and EASHL?


  • 100% agree. Please EA add these logos to the creation suite when you get the jerseys in the game.
  • yes please!!
  • I want the jersey templates too!!!

    (And add more sock templates already! They’ve been the same for 5 years!)
  • nvb11
    3 posts New member
    Wonder how long it'll take them to add the unis in the game...
  • darkryd3r
    131 posts Member
    edited November 2020
    I hope to see them soon ingame.as I always appreciate more graphical stuff i. e. jerseys. Realism first😁
  • I really can't wait to use the Bruins jersey. Would be cool if EA could also add the 80's Bruins jerseys that they are based off of too. I can't wait to have a Bruins- Rangers game with the gold jerseys and Lady Liberty jerseys it's going to be fantastic.

    Also Dallas still needs those blackout uniforms added as well.
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