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Can't edit player (franchise mode)

I remember back in NHL 20 in customize pro you could change player style and position (except between foward, defense and goalie of course) in player edit. In NHL 21 this option is blocked I think, unless there's something I might be doing wrong here. If it is indeed disabled, I strongly recommend you put it back up again because it really fun feature and it lets us being more creative when building a team.


  • Yeah it is disabled and I’ve been asking about it for over a month and still haven’t had a single response since. It’s been ignored for over a month
  • BRUH, please EA
  • All Options should be open to recreate in our Custom made Rosters. Not only the Player style and Position, Attributes, also the possibility to recreate generic EA faces. Most looking far from real. Now you can change only the Beards of them.
  • The fact you cannot edit your players in Franchise mode has ruined this game for me. And even though I JUST bought it I can't return it because it was downloaded... looks like it's back to NHL 20 which is also not very impressive. EA, you continue to surprise me with the poor decisions you seem to make, consistently, making your games less enjoyable every year.
  • Nylander88TOR
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    I still want to have D as a secondary position as a forward.

    EDIT: Wouldn't let me use a short form for position
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  • Don’t think they’re ever bringing this back. They like to take away features, and give us less to work with. Forced to play the game how they think we should, not allowed to play it how we want and have fun with it
  • Apparently y’all don’t play Madden, it’s been the same game since 13, with cosmetic changes. All the Focus is on MUT not franchise. We don’t get near the creation options , but do get Roster edits in franchise. As someone new to hockey, being able to edit roster would be great
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