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Can anyone answer this

Does anybody know how EA actually balances this game?

Is it based off average real life hockey numbers? Which is then tuned to 5 min periods

Is it based off game changer testing or devs playing each other and balancing done from there?

Or is it done by top players and teams and balanced from there.

Because I feel like if EA balances this game in any other way than off top players or teams than that is why we have the problems we do.

You cannot balance the game based off real life hockey statistics. In real hockey you don’t have the vast skill difference that is presented in the video game version. You have the equivalent of peewee skill level hockey players vs NHL caliber skilled players. Not everyone is as close in skill as the real NHL is, so to balance based on that would artificially be keeping games closer than they should.

If you balance based off game changers or developer games, that’s another mistake. Sure some of the game changers are good players, and I’m sure some of the devs as well. But you aren’t going to find out the tendencies players go for and exploit at that level, it has to be the top end gamers, if it’s balanced there it will trickle down and make for a game based far more off skill than luck.

Look at Blizzard with the new wow expansion releasing, they had months and months long of a beta where they invite the top end players and theorycrafters and balance the game for months based off statistics and feedback from them. EA does not do this in the slightest.

I’m just curious as to what method they use to balance this game, because clearly they aren’t doing it correctly


  • This is an interesting question. They have the beta or test version every year but imo its done way too close to release to have any meaningful impact. They need to take yearly sports franchises and make them live service. Charge for an "expansion" every year, and keep updates going year long. Monetize chel (cant believe i told ea to do that) and stop charging AAA prices every year for (what appear to be) minimal upgrades.

    This series will die on a yearly release cycle. Thats a guarantee.
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