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Oldest elephant in the room..

Ok, can we talk about one of the oldest (and probably easiest to remedy) issues with this game? How many times have you gone to make that breakout pass that should lead to a breakaway but instead becomes icing because your winger goes for a change as the puck is coming toward him? For the love of god can we get some kind of indicator for this? Also, if im on manual line changes why does this happen anyways?

Also can't tell you how many odd man rushes or breakaways have happened against me simply because my defending player will literally watch the play develop then cut to the bench leaving a wide open lane for the puck carrier.

My biggest hate on this is when the puck is sliding by itself into your off zone and theres a winger right there who SHOULD grab it for an odd man rush or breakaway but instead, decides he doesnt wanna win lol.

Also while on the subject of line changes, why in bap is a line change once breaking back out of your zone a "bad change" but leaving your zone to change while the other team has you pressured in is called for, amd considered a "good change"? Makes zero sense.

Anyways, just trying to talk about something other than cross creases. Discuss!
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