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Did something change today ( 19 november)

i played 2 games and literally it was unplayable.

its was super slow to change player when i try (without the puck)..and with the puck passing was taking a lof of time.. one time i even try 2 times with a player to make a pass and he never make the pass.

also the game felt like it was overheating, the player was moving super fast like to try to follow the game lol.

i lose 15-6 then win 10-4 .. i was literally unable to play defense because i was unable to change player ( or it was changing to the wrong player too)..

i literally shut down my xbox one everytime so the next time i play , there is less chance its feel laggy/overheating.


  • Probably another secret patch EA put in like usual
  • Sounds normal to me
  • It’s the same thing every year. False sense of hope for the first few weeks with a smooth connection and very little lag, to nearly unplayable after 2-3 months.

    I guess EA doesn’t realize that in such a fast paced game where the ice already feels too small in proportion to the players in this game, that you can’t have split second decisions made when experiencing any form of delay. The game just turns into feeling like you’re playing ice bumper cars and just looks bad.

    I don’t get how nobody at EA has realized they have 2 options.

    1) Fix their servers that seem to have not been upgraded since 2005


    2) Make the ice surface bigger if they can’t figure out their server problems so that it’s not just a clustered mess of laggy players all bumping into each other, so that you don’t have half a second to make a decision when you get the puck while dealing with 1 second input delay
  • jigglypuffwin
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    edited November 2020
    i did not play the game since the 19 november because of the **** lag/overheating feeling..

    and the game was same today , literally all laggish/overheating and the game finish 9-8 ..

    i'm gonna retry one last time tomorrow but if its the same experience again , i am out of this game..

    the 19 november , the game was saying updating roster update.. i don't know if they changed something this day, but the game is literally unplayable now.
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