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Ways to improve the Game.

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PLEASE add checking from behind to the penalties, to include a slider for NHL 22. This has to be in the game. The checking from behind that I see is atrocious!!

Body checking: IRL it mostly happens along the boards. There are FAR too many open ice hits in this game. In open ice the players should play the body to check/nudge the puck off of the opponent.

Shot counter added to the score board: enough said here.

Make incidental contact hits (left stick hits) count in the hit counter.

Shot blocking: make AI attempt more blocks using either the the standing legs together animation or the kneeling posture animation.
Redesign the laying down on ice shot block animation, similar to the one in 2K10.
Attempt to add a shot blocking frequency slider. I believe there used to be one many years ago.

Tripping penalty: laying down to block a shot and an opponent trips over me is NOT a tripping penalty.

Re-add AI D Men stick sweeping: it used to be in the game. Poor decision to remove it.

Game speed slider: remove it. No requirement for it as there are sliders for all aspects regarding game speed. It does more harm than good and IMO is the cause of the offline “game speed” glitch.

Players communicating on ice sounds: add more. Adding the coach yelling line change was awesome btw. Hearing the players talking on the ice make the game feel so real.

Ability to roof the puck in close: not really an option in current game. This addition would add some very exciting and much more dynamic (sexy) goals into the game.
(Only highly skilled players would be able to do this, just like IRL)

Re-add the pregame exterior helicopter video of the home team arena/city. Poor decision to remove this.
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  • True about body checking.. I wonder why.. But I dont feel confidence using checks against the board, it's such a risky move, often if you loose that battle you end up giving up a great scoring chance. And this 'dead room' were you can control the puck through the board makes it hard to calculate.

    I’ve heard talk on ice like, 'freeze the puck', "countdown in PK" and 'shoooot'.. But it's pretty cool, would be nice to hear some trash talk too.. 😊
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