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Edit Lines during Off-season?

Is the “Edit Lines” missing during the off-season? I want to see the positions I want to fill out during Free Agency after I did not resign some of my own guys. It’s weird that I can’t really find a way to see my own depth charts and lines during the off-season...
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  • I think it’s always been missing. Which is kind of annoying to be honest. It’s annoying to constantly go to contracts, and the way they sort main roster and in the system, it’s annoying.
  • It’s definitely always been missing and has always been a big complaint of mine. We need the option to at least view our lines or give us a depth chart for every position.
  • Ive always gone to the trade a player screen go to desired position and sorted by overall to see my depth at that position. But with line chemistry a thing now edit lines (or at least view lines) needs to be a thing in the off-season now.
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