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Drop in games and not being able to pick teams..

What happened to being able to pick actual teams for drop in games?

I know its been two years now since we have been able to pick actual teams for drop in games but I barely know which team I'm on.

Why are we in outdoor rinks? What's wrong with playing in NHL, OHL or whatever professional rinks?

The drop in games have no atmosphere....please change it.


  • Couldn't agree more, manually picking the teams for Drop-In games was one of my favorite things about EASHL! There are a lot of obscure teams in foreign leagues with really cool jerseys, or you could make cool Rivarly matchups like Pens vs. Flyers, etc. Allowing more customizability makes the game a lot more interesting than playing with the same two made up teams every game.

    The outdoor rinks actually make gameplay worse, because there are shadows in certain corners which can hide players and pucks.

    Another example of EA taking out useful and enjoyable functionality for no reason whatsoever. There is zero benefit for removing this functionality.
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