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2 top 50 (overall) players looking for LD and LW PS4 Europe.


Me and my brother are looking for a couple of players to play 6s. LD and LW spots are open. We play pretty much every day and are ranked high. Must be a team player and have good hockey sense and positioning.

My gamer tag is Joshua2255 and my brothers is Leonidas0209. Playstation.

I am based in the UK and my brother is based in Germany so Europe only. I play RW and my brother plays C.

Thank you.


  • Samzo77
    5 posts New member
    I am Leonidas0209 and feel free to ask us any questions arrange a few games to see how the chemistry is.
  • MikeG73179
    279 posts Member
    edited December 2020
    Please ignore any other posts under this name as my account appears to have been hacked.
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  • Samzo77
    5 posts New member
    Here's a video example from last week.

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