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NHL 22 wishlist.

I have some ideas for the upcoming year.

#1 Searing poke check pursuits.

#2 Cadence Quarterbacking rewinds.

#3 Big skate blade-makers.

#4 Extreme ice dual demeanors.

#5 Domineering penalty killer rushes.

Please add to this wishlist. I want to see what you all want.
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  • I have 5 more ideas.

    #1 H2H Rink Grinds.

    #2 Allstar stars of the franchise.

    #3 Deck the pond highlights 365.

    #4 360 hockey line breakdown.

    #5 Signature game entering mvp poses.

    Please use this thread if you want to see improvements in the game, thanks.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • The ability to add blue kickplates in the game for the arenas!



  • My wishlist is to have EIHL in NHL 22, all teams not just those in CHL that season.

    ECHL is featured in games, which is roughly equivalent in standard to EIHL as well as many other European leagues.
    EIHL is a great league with great fans so it would be good to include it and stop leaving us Brits out!
  • My wish for NHL 22 is that it's the NHL 19 Beta.
  • Shot counter added to the score box.
  • Shot counter added to the score box.
  • This is just going to be another wish list thread that’ll just be ignored, but I’d like to see any of the following. It’s mainly CAT and CAP stuff.

    1. Complete overhaul of CAT. (If they stick with the template system, that’s fine, but I’d love to see some 3rd jersey templates and logos from the 90’s)

    2. More names of past players added to the “play by play” list. (So many missing names, especially Russian, Czech, Swedish and Finnish. 8 players in the top 100 all-time scoring don’t have their names available)

    3. Player search engine. (Hate having to search for guys going team by team when roster editing)

    4. Goalie mask templates so we can have masks that actually match the CAT teams jersey. (This should have been done 10 years ago)

    5. Ability to assign “no helmet” for creation of old school players. (Can’t make Bobby Hull or Bobby Orr)

    6. Add old school equipment. Especially for goalies. (Doesn’t even have to be branded. EA can make it all. Just as long as it looks like the stuff guys used in the old days. I’m talking about more wood sticks, high cuff gloves, pillow pads and Friday the 13th goalie masks. Stuff like that)

    7. Roster/slider sharing!!!! (Also should have been added years ago)

    That’ll do for now. There’s more, but it’ll end up being a 47 point list by the time I’m done.
  • I have 1 additional idea. Make skill points a slider for when we play shootouts.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • My few ideas.
    1) Goalie injuries in game. Only from making stretch saves. None from contact.
    2) In GM/BAP, suspensions for nasty hits
    3) Refs that call the penalty on the mic
    4) Challenges for close offside/ goalie interference, high stick goal, kicked in goal.
    5) Variable refs. Create a set of 40 Refs. Each one has different preferences for penalty calls (ie #1 calls a lot of hooking, but rarely calls tripping) Also, the refs can only call a penalty that they see (Field of vision) Could result in phantom calls when they only see the end/part of a play. Linesman can call a major (like in real life)
    6) Review of major penalty.
  • Maybe this could do losing more 'fun'.

    Give a little 'coin' bonus or something, to the person that win;

    'shots on goal' maybe could encourage people to let go of the puck more...


    Passing% (but I rather see passing attempts)

    Would maybe give the games a bigger meaning, then to just go out and speed the other team to death!

    * And to be able to see how many times a player have been one of the '3stars' after the game.
  • I have 1 new idea. I would like a reflected goal 2 on 1 system.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Player boarding smash hits.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • 1) more player likenesses

    2) a better create a player-tool, where we could really adjust facial proportions, skin tones etc with sliders. Like the width of the jaw, length of the nose and so on. That would also make the player likeness issue less crucial as we could make the players ourselves and share the instructions how to make them to the community. The alternative to this would be the possibility to use EA game face tool to scan the players ourselves from the photos.

    3) roster sharing

    4) custom music

    5) authentic goal horns and songs

    6) authentic goalie equipment
  • Get rid of the blind, behind the back pass.

    TV Presentation - Bring back the pregame exterior camera shots of the home city/arena.

    Shot counter.

    Authentic goal songs
  • Get rid of the blind, behind the back pass.

    They can get rid of the blind, behind the back pass interception too!
  • I would like a Goals for win celebratory voice system in replays.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Custom music and roster share would be a good start.
  • "Head of steam" attacking line system.
    Madden fan since 93.
  • Sock templates in CaT to match the templates they added two games ago. Also, the “3-stripe” sock template should really have 4 (well really 5 if you want the ultimate customization package) color zones. Why can’t I replicate the blackhawks home socks in CaT? One of your jersey styles allows for but can’t be matched by any sock patter due to this limitation that drives all jersey OCD people absolutely bonkers.

    Correct color zones on all pads since they have like 3 out of 40 100% correct.

    More color zones to all jerseys so that arm and waist stripes aren’t paired to the same color zone. Makes creating jerseys like Notre Dame’s white jersey literally impossible.

    More circle/shield logo options + every custom logo should be able to be put into a circle/shield logo.

    Simple goalie mask creator. I’d take literally a plain helmet with a color zone at this point.

    City names/Play by Play names have word logos for jerseys. I’d obviously like any text but we all know that can’t happen because of terrible people, so this is a sensible compromise.

    Custom teams should be able to use international/junior ice sheets/arenas.

    Crowd that actually seems to know what happening. They shouldn’t be movie theater quiet before the puck drop after a goal. Hockey games/rink are pretty electric for a good 20-30 seconds after puck drops because goals are pretty exciting.

    Tournament mode like FIFA where I can run a custom league table, pool play + bracket, Bracket, and pick what teams I want to participate in said tournament.

    Make national team jerseys editable since they haven’t changed in 15 years and I’d do a much better job than the current renditions.

    All of the “Y” celebrations should be able to be assigned to buttons so multiple “Y” celebrations can be used. Also, all other button celebrations should be added to list of celebrations to be configured.

    On custom teams, goalies should be able to be made captain.

    31-team control Franchise mode.

    Roster sharing.

    CaT’s should be able to be put into a “vault” and carried to the next game.

    PC port like all other EA games. Maybe then modders can find what causes speed glitch and we can finally have our sliders work 100% of the time.
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