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Gameplay features that need updating

I'm hoping this tread creates some discussion on simple gameplay mechanics that could be added to improve gameplay or existing features that need an update.

Gameplay this year for me has been fantastic (other than AI but lets be real they are either brainless or the best players on the team), shot power based on position creates less accurate shots which I love. I really enjoy in this game the stationary dekes that were added. The toe drag is a fantastic way to gain speed from a stop and create separation. Simple improvements like this go a long way and that why I hoping they tweak these few features.

Slap passes have been untouched for as long as I can remember, this feature has a ton of utility if updated. The auto tip shot needs to be removed or changed to the recipient needing to hold LT or L2 and up like a normal one timer. Countless times in the NHL players would use the slap pass for breakout 2 line pass to spring a breakaway or fake a shot on a powerplay only to pass it cross crease. On the other hand it might be OP to take slap pass all the time cause they would have more power so to balance have the aim assist on par with manual sauces. Also maybe a feature where you slap pass it at a teammate sitting on the blue line and if that teammate is holding the RS in he tips it into the zone to null an icing.

Boardplay is another feature with no updates since it was introduced in NHL 10.The concept is fine but at this point now in the franchise no one uses it unless they are trying to avoid a big hit. Either remove it or update it with more abilities. This feature would be more controversial but boardplay can give an advantage to bigger and stronger players. Instead of only passing why can't we pin the puck again the boards (holding it too long could give a delay of game penalty). Add more animations to dig the puck out. Again most people may not like the feature but it's been untouched in over 10 years.

Lastly is two things for defensemen. Shooting the puck off the glass and out is a nightmare to attempt due to how easily it can go over the glass. Can we get the ability to easily put the puck off the glass. Maybe have hold RB or R1 and right stick up still but maybe you click in the RS to shoot it off the glass. Also can the LB or L1 pass block have the ability to transition into a dive block (also let us glide longer while holding LB or L1 too). For example 2 on 1, in the slot you hold LB and are gliding toward the goalie, then you hit RB or R1 and transition into a pass block. I'd even go one step further, when in the dive block let us defensive skill stick to swipe at the puck.

These are just a few things but they could go a long way in keeping this games replay ability longer. Simple things like more tripping animations or a small camera cut to a guy reaching his face on a double minor high stick as quality of life improvement to make the game feel fresh.
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