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Dec. Patch seems to have badly impacted offline.

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edited December 2020
After about 10 full 7 min period games on Pro, max difficulty adjustment, which was playing great in a Season mode by avoiding cheap goals, the patch seems to be detrimental to gameplay.

Neutral Zone pressure seems to have been severely limited. Simple to skate up the wings again or enter the center of the zone whereas before you had to dump the puck fairly often. Such a shame, this was one of the best things about the new gameplay.

On tuner 1.01 and above there are very few penalties being taken by the CPU even with maxed sliders. 1.00 is okay and with the same pen sliders you get the expected numbers.

The bizarre speed increases in gameplay, even on Game Speed 0/6, happen quite frequently and persist for longer spells now. For years the theory of sliders being outright ignored by the game engine on occasion was not one I necessarily subscribed to, but this seems to be undeniable. To compare speeds I tried bumping it up to 6, which did seem to take effect; oddly it caused a couple of penalties to be taken by the cpu, as if the engine had reread my pen sliders.

The experience felt much more arcade like and slider tweaking isn't helping to control the random hyper mode.

Player warping is more prevalent too.


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