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Ea i think this should be fix

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hi the team,i appreciate the effort you have put in this game to improve from last year.I have to say its the best game i ever played since i started in 1995 with Nintendo and like i said in many topics,this game is perfect. i like it much more than nhl20. My second year participating in HUT. i think its like that since hut was created. I upgraded Lemieux(GP: 418 G:196 A: 290 Pts: 486)and Gretzsky(GP: 337 G:221 A:338 Pts: 559) after the upgrade my stats are gone(reset). Stats reset every time a card is upgraded is a big miss up in my opinion. If its possible ,could be fix easily; To resolve this,simply track stats by player name or by an ID number instead of tracking stats with a card. stats players are like useless in the current system. Or was it create like that for a reason?
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