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Not getting the HUT pack from CHEL bags?

Hey, I noticed that i didn't get to open the HUT pack that you get from that certain CHEL bag, was it elite or something, that you get when you level even numbers? Like blue with red logo? Anyways, you're supposed to have the HUT pack there (and I did see it listed), but when I open the bag, the game doesn't ask me 'would youlike to go to HUT' or something like that you're supposed to?

And when I go to HUT to check, there's indeed no pack anywhere. It's happened twice now, and I got to thinking maybe it's because this happens on my 2nd account which I use to play EASHL in a second club only? Aren't you suppoed to get those packs if you have multiple accounts? Or is it a bug or something?

It's supposed to be a choice pack with random players plus one icon loaner? It's not a biggie since I don't even play HUT, but anyways...
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