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Poke check spamming



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    I dont know how to best say it. But I like the effect a successful poke has on the puck, nothing wrong there. What I dont like is the way you can get to the puck, by poking many times, from behind, without losing any speed or space to the puck carrier, you can chase the puck carrier from offensive zone to your own, with the stick constantly in the way for the carrier.

    And you can play it by ear, by poking through legs without any damage. Which ofc in the long run leads to a much more uninhibited use of the DSS, cause you learned how to take "shortcuts" without any risk of penalty.

    I am curious why a poorly timed pokecheck does not lead to losing your gap - speed as well. It would certainly help with the spam concept.

    Yup agree, would force people to think abit more before they use it. I dont dislike the feeling we got when we use our DSS/poke, thats almost perfect, it's more how repetitive you can be without any punish.

    100%. Would be nice if the error for poor timing a poke was less taking a penalty and more forfeiting your space and position.

    I have had this happen in EASHL games. Not every time because often I'm backskating and poking, but you can still get burned with a missed poke that results in an odd man rush.

    Regardless of poke checks being spammed, if you're constantly losing the puck to pokes, you're letting defenders get too close. Part of protecting the puck and retaining possession is using your teammates.

    Did you watch the video that was posted? How in hell can you defend a guy poking like a mad man from BEHIND and through the legs with no real penalty? Protect the puck?? He has his whole body there to do so. Dont defend and idiotic play that was not penalized in the game, come on.

    It looks like he's holding DSS. A penalty is called when your stick sweeps from inside the leg to the outside. They kept their stick between their legs until they let go of DSS. At that point, the stick can pass through bodies/objects. In most cases, a penalty is going to be called if you're poking from behind because it's going to be difficult to keep your stick perfectly between a player's legs. We're not going to force a penalty if they aren't meeting the requirements for one to happen.

    In most cases it doesn't get called ,stick going through legs happens all the time ,and how do you know he's using the skill stick k ,fix this game it's broken
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  • amxblade wrote: »
    Yes it's that time again to bring this up. This year the game seems to favor those who come out and just spam the poke check like it's a magic wand. Tonight I've played several people who seem to be able to perfectly spam the poke check from behind every time or just charge at you with the stick swinging around and even if you try to do an evasive maneuver, the poke check is so powerful they steal it everytime. Oddly enough these are also the same people abusing the cross ice one timers 🤷.

    Auto pokes need to be removed from the game. Everything stick related should run through DSS. If someone can’t keep the puck when every poke is through DSS, then that person is simply not good at puck protection. Game needs to stop catering to low-skilled players. Also needs to stop catering to board-bouncing fools who fling 90 mph curled, backhanded passes too but I won’t hold my breath to see those things eliminated.
  • Hehe I dont know if anyone else thought about it, but it hit me today...

    When people comes crashing against you with the DSS in full swing.

    They look abit like the blind man, with the white cane, searching the area...


  • This thread has one tiny clip of a scenario that leads to a trip 9 times out of 10.

    It may be more helpful if you could provide a clip of full game footage where you see a player consistently being irresponsible with their stick and never getting punished for it.
  • Just fire up a game...

    Hehe naah.. It's not - thaaat - bad... I mean, if people wanna run around mad with their sticks, that must count as a strategie too.

    I just get distracted by them, annoyed, like a fly in my face that refuses to disappear.

    And there's no direct skill to just push your players forward with the stick as a plow. Thats probebly something that irritates me too..

    And that it's often works out.

    But again, I can't really complain about people that play this way, cause it's definitely in the game.

    (and it's pretty fun to play against, when its not working as intendent, like a cat and mouse situation)

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