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So the reporting, what gives?

They said use the link for manual reporting in the thread, closed the thread but manual reporting doesn't work either.


  • belair_col
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    edited December 2020
    Trying to report a club for offensive content. One player named [name removed]. Every report function leads to a broken link.

    Great job, guys!

    Edit: Please do not name and shame. If the standard reporting features are not working, send a private message to a CM with those details. -Aljo
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  • EA_Aljo
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    edited December 2020
    Where are you seeing problems with the reporting feature? Is it happening in game or on the EASHL web site?

    Also, I had to remove the names as naming and shaming is against the rules here. Please send a private message to a CM with team/player details and we'll make sure they get passed on. I will send the ones reported in this thread.
  • Directly on the EASHL website. The options (which are odd to begin with) lead to a site error.

    Honestly, how many people are getting reported for child exploitation or suicide? Where are the options for glitching or game trolling? If you want to help out the people who actually buy the game every year, get that garbage out of your community.

    People being blatantly racist deserve to be shamed and the people reporting them shouldn't have to go through hoops to get that garbage removed.
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