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Proposal for the introduction of learning elements gameplay

The NHL is a difficult game with a high entry threshold. The existing training does not provide understanding and sufficient training.
Suggested actions to integrate the learning process into the gameplay:

1) Replace the hut challenge.
The current challenge boring, unrealistic, and a sloppy and clumsy design decision. Most tests are not a Challenge. Challenge do not meet the principle of adaptive complexity.
It is proposed to replace the task with training elements. For example, the study of feints, 1x1 defense, 1x2 defense, 1x1 attack, shootouts, shots at the goal in the right angle, puck control, stick interception, defense with "X" button, net protection. Can be done as a FIFA or NFL training session.
This way we will make players learn to play, learn the mechanics of the game, it will simplify entry to the game for beginners, reduce the number of dissatisfied with the game, because they will begin to understand it better.
By collecting and analyzing statistics, we can understand what game mechanics cause difficulties for players.
This will give you more immersion in the game. Instead of matches that don't look like real games, we get a daily training process. Recreate the atmosphere of the locker room, training in an empty stadium, the sounds of pucks, skates, tips from the coach on empty ice.

2) make "analysis mode" for reply.
The ability to turn on hints and get more information about the state of the players.
Show the player's fatigue and condition.
Show whether the player sees the puck.
Show whether the player sees the opponent, display the state of behavior when AI selecting.
Show which partner the player sees and where the user passes. Which buttons on the controller is pressed and which direction of the gamepad sticks (like lines on ice).
This will allow the player to analyze their mistakes.

3) Add a statistics center.
Give the player statistics of their actions. As done in WOC to do so, and in HUT. Number of losses, accuracy of passes, quality of plays, shots, heat map of shots on the court, heat map of hits and other.

P.S. sorry for the English


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