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New trait

"We will also be introducing new traits at the start of each Season to keep the competition interesting during the entire year. Completing your season placement games in any multiplayer mode will unlock the new Traits."

They've added 1 trait.. does that keep the competition interesting? I figured new things would be lowered or something.. every year I think maybe the builds will get tweaked or something different. I still can't believe we can't build our players how we see fit.. I get you don't want people to have an advantage.. so just make it a QUICK and fun grind or give us all our attribute points and let us allocate them ourselves. You could even keep the specialties!


  • It’s be cool if there’d be another slot for a trait so we could have 3 if we wanted
  • It’s be cool if there’d be another slot for a trait so we could have 3 if we wanted

    Personally I would just do away with traits. We have pre made builds (that we can change the physical attributes of within a window) then traits to somewhat alter the stats.. specialties are really cool though, esp the one's that slightly increase the chance of pulling off a deke or w/e

    Personally if I made the game you would enter WoC and have to do a small story to start out. It starts like BaP but you play on the pond. They take you through a training camp and tell you about positioning and stuff. Maybe new players can get extra training and veterans can skip stuff (the amount of drop in players that have NO positioning is a problem. You make your guy and upgrade his stats. You have a story mode similar to 2K that you can play when friends are not online in which you can unlock stuff and upgrade your guy. Gotta put a cap on how good your guy can be and it shouldn't take too long to max him.. the AI and difficulty could be locked and you can see how your friends are doing in their story modes.

    Being able to see how they're doing or other stats could tell me before I play with them in a drop game if they quit a lot or run around the entire ice. Trolls would also have a harder time hiding that and if the story took 10-15 min to even unlock online modes many of them would not want to bother making a new profile every time they want to get on to troll. Just an idea.. this game is plagued with people who are bad and trolls.. anyway to clean this up would go a long way to making this a better community. Adding in the ability to make the guys that WE want is even better! I want a really hard hitting playmaker unfortunately I'm stuck making a grinder with a passing trait or a playmaker with hitting/ physical traits.. there are always a few things I feel I want or don't need with every build so none of them feel uniquely mine. Also the amount of 5'7 169 snipers is just annoying.. the builds haven't even changed in 3-4 years at least.. I want to see people have unique builds.
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