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Be a Pro All star Game

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EA Sports can you please update the NHL 21 Be a Pro Mode, what confuses me is that in Be a Pro mode you added the all-star selection to a players milestone, yet during gameplay, the all-star game is nowhere to be found? can you please address that? why put an all-star selection in a player's milestone if a player cant actually gets selected or play in the all-star game? Also, can you explain why it's always the same player that my character is having conversations with during the season?
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  • Been wondering the same thing. I’ve either lead the league or been in the top five in points goals/assists and I can’t seem to find voting or anything about it. Just like you said I can see on the milestone where it says “all star selections”
  • chooch816
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    I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed, I haven’t gotten to the end my career yet so I hope that doesn’t ruin it? However I also like all star game modes in career mode,nba,mlb just more fun
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    Hey, @chooch816

    We're going to close down this discussion since it's from 2020 and to avoid it getting necro'd any further. If you want to continue this topic please create a new discussion.

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