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tips for input lag controller

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edited December 2020
after i did this, i played two games online without input delay from my controller to monitor. if you try let me know.
1. make sure your monitor is on game mode.
2. reset your controller: there is a hole behind,use something to press inside(better ps4 open and controller wireless to do)
3. empty the ps4 cache: turn off ps4 power before(wait 10 seconds). unplug ps4 and wait 30 seconds then turn on ps4.
4. Boost ps4 performance:

1.turn off ps4 and make sure to wait till off.
2.press button ps5 and maintain button to hear a bip and still maintain to hear the 2nd bip,then release.
3.plug controller cable on ps4 and press PS button to see the safe mode.
4.choose option 5- rebuild database(no worries it wont delete your data and its similar to defrag hard drive on a PC).it can take up to 5 minutes or 2 hours.

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  • Good tips. I will try this myself too. I've already reset my controller, after you told me you could do that. But I will do it all the way next time im gonna game.
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