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Human Goalie Idea

Ok, so its clear its not easy to make everybody happy when it comes to something, but I have an idea. I think it will help everybody, and add good variety to the game.

You know in UFC how we can pick certain animations for our guy? Why can't we have that for saves? Unlock certain saves (or spend, say, pucks (like in hut, but for EASHL) on animations. Start with some default ones, be able to upgrade to the ones you want to have. That would add a HUGE variety of what we see on the ice and allow users to not complain about seeing an animation they dont like.

Let us pick high, mid, low save animations, cross crease push-offs, desperation dives, etc.

Also, goalies shouldn't be editing strategies, right? So maybe, if you have your feet planted (you're not moving the left stick), add an anticipation like they had before but with the D-pad. High glove, low blocker, just glove, just high, whatever you pick to anticipate. If you are choosing high and glove, and it goes high glove, you should get it a good 100% of the time in position. But if you're anticipating high glove and it goes low blocker, thats a goal. Or if you're only saying glove not high, you stop it, say, 30% of the time, and if you're going low glove and it goes low blocker, you stop it, say, 50% of the time.

Any thoughts?
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