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Merry Xmass and..

A happy new year.

I just would like to take the time to wish everyone of you all a very good christmas.

It's been a strange year, and alot of people can not celebrate Christmas as we use to.

But I hope you still gets to have some love and time with your closest once. Put HUT down for a day and spend some quality time with good food and maybe a beer or two!

Anyway, merry Xmass everyone, and the new NHL season that starts in january will defenetly be a good start on the new year for me.. And not to mention the world junior championship..

Much love fellows ❤️


  • EA_Aljo
    2734 posts EA Community Manager
    Thanks, Sega. It has been quite a year for sure. Happy Holidays and please stay safe, everyone.
  • Merry Christmas yall.
  • What's HUT? Lol.

    Same to you Sega and to all. Remember, they're are way more important things in life than a game. That being said, if I could just point out a few things to the devs.........lol. kidding.

    Have a safe and happy holiday everyone.
  • * x-hours later*

    .. And my stomach is in a coma.. Thank god it's only Christmas once a year.

    Im always looking forward to the food before christmas, and afterwards I cant even think about the food without me feeling disgusted... Funny how it works! 😄

    But now this day is over here, may you continue to have good evning! 😊

  • happy holidays all
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