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Is Franchise really this bad?

I hardly ever play franchise because it's been so bad the last few games but because NHL 21's online has become nothing but puck ragging losers and EA does absolutely nothing to make it any better, I decided to try it. However, before going any farther, I have a couple of questions.

1) Do your AI players ALWAYS lose every puck battle? 18 puck battles on the boards and most of the time, I had 2 players there and the team I am playing walks away from the battle with the puck.

2) Is there a way to set my D to block shots and play as good on defense as they do when I am in the OZone? It's so bad there when you play for point shots. I tried over and over and my guys, not theirs are the ones that are constantly blocking everything. Am I doing something wrong by taking point shots?

I also see why EA does nothing to the puck raggers after playing the AI. So many times the AI will just run away with the puck instead of passing or moving it around. I was fighting for the puck with a minute left in a 3-2 game, set my team to full forecheck and I had to chase the AI all the time as they ragged the puck. Seems like EA thinks that this is the way hockey is played. Also when you play a 3-2 offense with a full forecheck, doesn't that mean that there should be more than 1 forechecker?

This game is in such a pathetic state right now, it's so sad to see the nonsense that gets made year after year.


  • That's why you play online. Add me ch3ddarOTS
  • Franchise mode has been awful this year.

    It used to be decent.

    But they took so many steps backwards this year and butchered it. It’s pretty pathetic to be honest.

    As long as EA keeps on letting kids gamble with the loot boxes, HUT will get the most attention and resources, leaving the loyal vet fan base hung out to dry
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