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Experienced D man

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Unfortunately none of my friends play, so no consistent club. Just doing drop in and drop in club games for many years.

Getting sick of so many noobs and looking for a solid crew. I understand that we'll be reviewing each other, so here's my info.

Above average D player who can be much better with a team who practices and we build chemistry. RD is my stronger is the 2 D poz'ns.

Without a crew and drop in only, I'm currently a Diamond 3 and was up to 27k. Last year, I averaged a 750-800 cr.. but again, with randoms only. I also can play backup G.

In looking for a crew who 1. Forwards who can score. I'm going to help at D, but I can't stop them all.


  • puckh3ad
    2 posts New member
    2. Rotate and cycle.
    3. Pass
    4. Frwds that don't just force turnovers to the middle or take non-stop shots.
    5. No ****'s barking orders. I'm a man, don't need any punks bossing me around. Speak like a man and you'll be respected as such. Speak like an emotional child - you'll be treated like a punk.

    In other words, you gotta know how to play hockey and be an adult..... If I go an entire game without a single pass back to the D, with 10 forced turnovers to the middle, I quit.
  • puckh3ad
    2 posts New member
    P.s.s. xbox and 6s only
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