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My Squad Battles Experience (video)

The past few weeks i've been recording/clipping things that I've noticed have been brought up on forums by others. My plan was to make compilation type videos to help show what people are complaining about it various posts/rants. However, I soon realized I don't quite have the attention span to keep track of, watch, or even skim recordings of myself playing SBs to do so. Anyways, I decided for now I would just throw together some clips I have in a stupid video(s) for poops and giggles.

Video 1: Hot n Cold. 3:30 plus extra stupid bonus clip at end

Video 2:


  • Stephlefan6AX
    287 posts Member
    edited January 2021
    nice vid. you scored nice goals. i'm scoring cheat goals most of time against cpu. my best game was 21-0. i like this game more than nhl20(AI was too good on defence and pressure)
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