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Transactions in Season Mode

I replied to an existing thread, dating back to NHL16, but figured this deserved its own thread. I season mode I tried to make three free agent signings today, 16 games into a season.

I'd made other signings with no issues but this time, for whatever reason, it caused the game to crash. I did not start the season with full control of every team in the league, as that is a giant pain since the assistant coach never calls up players from the AHL and instead plays people out of position.

I know from NHL20 that if I control all of the teams I'd need to flip through Edit Lines and several teams would have blank lines. If that gets fixed then the game is able to carry on.

Without the ability to take control of all other teams during a season and with EA's assistant coach unable to recognize that unfilled lines need to be fixed, I guess this season is trashed.
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