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This isn't goalie interference

Can u at least fix this ,fix something in this game


  • Referee made an oopsie
  • It's called the Tomas Holmstrom rule ;)
  • That referee dosent deserve to be a TV game referee, someone needs to downgrade him into being a "power cookie" for pac-man to eat!

    That goalie action has always bring more benefits then what it should.
  • The problem Sega these little idiots charge at your guy knowing it's going to be called interference
  • I had one the other day where the AI's forechecker literally knocked my goalie out of the crease while trying to get a rebound. He wasn't pushed, there was no one around him, and the ref didn't even consider interference when the AI's teammate tapped in the rebound before I could get to it. I considered posting it here, but realized it wasn't worth the effort for me.
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