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Ability to do warm ups/practice in any mode

Thought of a cool idea for pre game, a mini game where you shoot at the goalie to "warm-up". Both the goalie and the player get hotter as the shooter lands shots on net. The goalie stops solid shots to "get a feel" this can be an option to have set "on" or "off" and can be chosen before game start to determine if it should be used or not. Adding more immersivity, and the feeling of being at/in and actual game, this could work best for franchise or be a pro. The ability to also practice during off days in franchise or be a pro would be a cool idea. To have set days for practices, and run through drills, dont make it mandatory, or make it simmable with an average of xp based on a skills test done when transfered to a new team. This can be a neat feature to be able to practice drills with the team, or solo for individual training. Franchise mode can utilize this by you setting practice days, choosing who to focus on (2 full lines, an offensive focused line and an defense focused line[can swap after a few runs]). This can help with the feeling of being a coach/the players during off-ice time.

Sorry for the run-on, randomness, but thought it would be cool to see.


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