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New Xbox 6s League - Beer League Hockey (BLH)

Hello, for any of ya'll looking for a new 6s league, Beer League Hockey (BLH) has begun and is actively recruiting new members! We are an xbox 6s league whose discord is run with free expression in mind and we aim to deliver a fun, no-walking-on-egg-shells required experience for anyone who likes to play online hockey and is ok with some trash talk. Join our discord, check us out, and we hope to see you soon!



  • New league name is Beer Hockey Federation (BHF). Still looking for new members, we are up to 94 members within one week of starting the discord. Rules have been made public in the discord, captain applications open Tuesday, sign ups for the opening season one week after that and we will be launching in mid-February.

    Some highlights:
    - We play Mon-Thurs, 8:30pm EST and 9:00pm EST
    - Captains and co-captains can play all 8 games each week
    - Full-time players can play up to 6 games each week
    - Part-time players can play up to 3 games per week (for anyone wanting a bit of extra hockey but can't make the time commitment of a full time player)
    - Bidding Draft for main rosters (allowing captains to really shape their own teams and not be restricted by a randomizer for a snake draft order)
    - TC in snake draft for emergency players
    - Waivers for late signups (even if you sign up late you can still play and get your name out there for next season)
    - Friendly community
    - Custom team names
    - Minimal chat censorship maximizing the freedom for some good ol' trash talk
    - Experienced league staff who have almost all been staff or captains in other leagues

    What beer league is in real life, we are online. Come for the competition, stay for the fun. Hope to see ya'll there!
  • Our website is now live! There's not much in here yet as we are opening captain applications tomorrow and the signups in a week, but here's where you can find us

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